An Overview Of Viaden Media

Viaden Media is a Belarus-based information technology company focused on developing online gaming software. They specialize in turnkey online gambling business solutions. This is accomplished through business domain experience, a business model focused on high quality and profound technical expertise. Viaden Media is one of the most reputable information technology companies in Belarus.

They offer a plethora of products including full casino software, poker room software, mobile gaming applications, and turnkey solutions. Their primary services include design, hosting, maintenance, promotion, security audit services, and Google analytics consultation.

Viaden Media relies on four primary principles to ensure the best online casino software. These include:

  • Extensive experience and technical expertise
  • High technology competence
  • A large devotion to quality
  • A customer-driven approach

With more than 10 years of casino software development for clients across the globe, Viaden has a proven track record consisting of rich game design and implementation. These include simple programs that run slots to multifunctional poker programs supporting tournaments, top-notch design features, and a management system.

Similarly, their technical competence has brought them to the forefront of online gaming innovation. With vast working experience accompanied by unique, individual skills, they are always ahead of the competition. Their gaming software is robust, scalable, and highly integrated, designed to operate at maximum capacity without interruption.

One of their main areas of success is their devotion to quality. They offer economical software solutions without compromising the quality of the product. This is accomplished by following a specific development and design process resulting in security, reliability, and high-quality standards. Their development process uses agile methods that promote the evolutionary change through the project life-cycle.

Furthermore, they’ve developed MediaWiki Software which acts as a centralized knowledge database for specialists to utilize during development which saves a significant amount of time. Additionally, Jira Studio has created manage, and track projects as well as create client extranets.

Finally, by taking a customer-driven approach and working toward 100% customer satisfaction, Viaden Media has accumulated hundreds of positive feedback and testimonials. One of their primary selling points is the involvement of business analysts in the online gaming development process.

Viaden Media offers excellent products that leave their clients satisfied. By continuing to rely on their principles of extensive experience, high technical competence, devotion to quality, and a customer-driven approach, they will remain ahead of the competition for years to come.